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Lotte Chemical Titan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Johor

LCTM Sdn Bhd has engaged Global Testing Services (GTS) to carry out Commissioning and inspections on two units of Hyosung Transformers which are 22/6.6kV and 6.6/0.433kV at TPE1, LCTM Sdn Bhd, Pasir Gudang in March 2019. 

22kV & 6.6kV Power Transformer Commissioning Work

Location: Lotte Chemical Titan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Johor

Commencement: 9th March 2019

Completion: 10th March 2019

Type of contract: Lump Sum

Contract value: MYR 44,626.00
Scope of Work

This transformer electrical testing is part of routine SAT tests conducted on the above installation in order to verify the integrity and reliability of this transformer in service and also to ensure that there are no defects or faults occurring during the transportation and installation which can cause unwanted tripping or catastrophic damage during energisation/service.
These recorded results shall be compared to the Factory Acceptance Test results for a comparison and to establish the trend changes.

Project Challenges

The main challenge faced was the weather. The weather changes so quickly from sunny to raining since this plant is located close to the sea. Sometimes it was a struggle to stop and pack up test gear so that it wouldn’t get damaged. We repeated several tests once the weather cleared to make sure our test results were not affected by humidity and wet surface conditions.

Zero Harm

All works were conducted without safety or environmental incident.


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